Develop solution for your own problems

Some locks have more than one key. They cannot be opened without using all the keys, in the correct combination. Unless you put the keys in a predefined sequence, the lock doesn't open. So is life. Many of the locks in life can be opened not with a single key but with a bunch of keys. Until you have accumulated all the required keys in a bunch, the mystery will not be solved. The door will not open. The Pandora box will remain closed.

How do you tackle daily tasks?

How do you tackle daily tasks? Are you the one who likes to make a To Do List in the morning or belong to the category of people who take the day as it comes? There are both categories of people, even at higher positions, who have been quite successful following their own methods. 

What happens when we meet someone for the first time? No, not always love at first sight! But there is something called - the first impression of a person that remains in our mind. Someone so dashing, or sober and silent, or someone very vocal,...

Recently I watched a Hindi movie, Chaman Bahar, on an online streaming platform. Starring Jitendra Kumar and Ritika Badiani, the movie is directed by Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann. The movie is certainly not one of the 100 crore clubs but is in the...

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