In Defence of the Faith - My Hate Speech

The irresponsibility in this day and age, to exploit religious differences where none exist is both negligent and dangerous. ITV have done this by putting young Hindu adolescents in harm’s way. The idea that a TV channel would inflame any part of the world, particularly Britain, for selling TV viewers should be criminal offence – wait, it is – incitement to hatred.

Not Just Former Former Foreign Secretary - British interests compromised by former government officials based on documents supplied by ex-British intelligence

Former Ministers, and especially Prime Ministers should never ever be allowed to work for foreign agents. Pure and simple. Otherwise they damage British interests.

Chanda Vyas

Chanda Vyas is the first ‘Hindu Female Priest’ in the U.K. She is married to Manoj and they have three children and grandchildren.

Kamlesh Padhra

Kamlesh Padhra founded and became the director of Infinity Property Solutions at the age of 27. Graduated in Business Information Technology with a BSc (Hons) at London South Bank University in 2001 and was certified by NFOPP in 2013. Worked...

Welcoming Goddess Durga abode

London's rich multi-cultural environment gives you exposure to various festivals, celebrations and events. While it is Diwali on the square one day, it is Eid celebrations another. And it is almost time for Christmas now. Speaking of Christmas,...

Shikor Bangladesh All Stars comes to the UK

Shikor Bangladesh All Stars, a seven-strong group of top traditional musicians have come to the UK for the first time for Songlines Encounters Festival, organised by Songlines, the world music magazine.

Immigration and landlords

Yet another Immigration Bill is currently going through Parliament. This is an opportunity for concerns to be raised before it becomes enshrined in law.

Small Mercies

There is so much to be thankful for. As human beings we moan and we groan about often trivial things. When you consider what is happening with the migrant crisis it is easy to dismiss it as something ' out there' which doesn’t affect your day to day life and threatens to cost you money as a taxpayer.

Role and Responsibilities of ABPL Publications

Forty four years ago, on 5th May 1972, Gujarat Samachar, a tabloid news-weekly with a small English section was released by the well-known Indian diplomat Appa Saheb Pant- then High Commissioner for India to the UK.

Suicide, Not the Final Solution

Drought is wreaking havoc in several Indian states. The worst situation is in eastern Maharashtra, especially around Latur where perhaps hundreds of farmers have committed suicide in the last year. Such human tragedies are not handled in a humane...

Time the World Woke Up

As the world woke up on Wednesday 9th November, people got a shock of the century.  Or did they?  I accept the shock was real for the establishment both in the US, as well as many western countries.  It was a shock for the paid liberal media that had thrown everything at Trump to destroy him, and they failed.  Yes, it was also a shock for the pollsters who frankly have still not learnt a simple lesson, the world paradigm has changed and therefore their traditional models just don’t work any longer. ...

BREXIT – People's Verdict?

On Saturday the Prime Minister announced the date for the EU Referendum to be 23rd June 2016. This followed what can only be called one of the most demanding and exhaustive EU wide diplomatic campaign by any British PM ever. PM Cameron has proved to be a man of his word. He promised a referendum and that is exactly what we got. He promised a series of measures the EU would have to agree to before he would put his name to the ‘in’ campaign – and by any measure you have to conclude he has become the...

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