What is your unique social skill?

Rohit Vadhwana Tuesday 19th October 2021 03:29 EDT

Every individual has a unique social skill based on which s/he gets along in the society. Some people have a pretty smile, while others maintain a straight face. A few are sweet spoken while others do not weigh their words. Someone likes to make close friends, other may believe in working relationship. All these depend on a particular social skill that one develops over a period of time. 


What is the social skill that is unique to you? This question is very important to understand your strengths and weaknesses. If you are a soft-spoken personality, it will be difficult for you to take up some task that requires very blunt kind of communication. Similarly, if you always speak truth irrespective of its impact, sugar coating won't work in your case. If you always smile at others, perhaps being strict and indifferent is really difficult even when required. All these skills are certain sets of characteristics that you might have developed over the period of time, from your environment, family, friends or inherently. Although skills can be learnt and unlearned, anything that has become unique and distinctive to you should be retained and maintained. If people know you as a serious business type of person, it's your special social skill. If you are known as an easy-going happy fellow, that's also unique. 


Social skills are important for everyone. They are your best describable features and your points of attraction. Your nature will attract a certain kind of people while others will remain away from you. It is very natural that like-minded people go along very well, although sometimes the best friendship happens between people of opposite nature. Whatever way you take the relationship, but remaining true to your own style and strength is important. Being committed to your identified unique social skill is vital. Do not try to imitate any other successful person if it’s not in your trait. Do not follow anyone blindly even if it is in the most favourable trend in society at a particular time. Trends and likings of people change from time to time and place to place. But uniqueness is always appreciated.


The social skill may go beyond your nature and behaviour as well. It may include your unique style of wearing clothes, jewellery or living. If you have been living with simplicity and it has become your unique style, why not maintain it? If you have been the person who is found at parties, continue to enjoy it because people of that kind will look up to you. Do not change yourself for those people who do not agree with your preferences. There are always different kinds of people in society. That’s why we have a pub and a church in every village. That’s why there are libraries and theatres in every locality. Keep going to the place you best enjoy, provided it is not illegal or immoral. Adhering to social value is important if you do not want to confront it. However, even while following all the norms of society, you can continue to enjoy living with your own unique social skill, without trying to imbibe others.


So, there might be a particular social skill in your personality that people associate with you. Identify it, maintain it and enjoy it. Let it be your identity.

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