London Deputy Mayor makes forex pay

Latest reports divulged that London deputy Mayor Rajesh Agarwal's foreign exchange business grew last year following its negotiation through Brexit.

Midlands – a Gateway into Britain

Business leaders must put aside their differences and demonstrate a genuine will towards creating effective partnerships across all professional sectors.

Viacom18 to launch MTV Beats in the UK

Parent company of successful Indian brands like Colors, Rishtry Europe, and Rishtey Cineplex, is all set to enter the UK with its 24X7 music brand 'MTV BEATS'. The 'Baap of Bollywood Music', the channel will offer its audiences in the United...

India goes for GST

The midnight launch of India's biggest tax reform since independence, the Goods and Services Tax instantaneously turned India into a select league of countries with a national sales tax

US Supreme Court partially okays Trump's travel ban

The US Supreme Court has partially reinstated President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban targeting citizens from six predominantly Muslim countries, before examining the case in full this autumn

Arun Jaitley raises H-1B concerns with US treasury secy

India's Finance Minister Arun Jaitley raised the issue of tightening of the H1B visa regime with US counterpart treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin during their first meeting, highlighting the contribution of Indian firms and professionals to...

US asks public schools to let transgender access to bathrooms

The US administration has issued guidance directing public schools to let transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identity.

Will ‘Teflon’ President Zuma survive the latest scandal?

Former US President Ronald Reagan was called by his detractors “the Teflon president”. The nickname was coined by Patricia Schroeder, a Congresswoman, and reflected on how a plethora of scandals surrounding his presidency seemed to have no effect...

Women of India, Women of Britain, Women of the World

They nearly did it. The Indian cricket team nearly won the world cup in cricket. The women came a lot closer than the men.

Diego Garcia & UK’s Ability to Project Global Power

I write to you from the Equator, on an Atoll in the centre of the Indian Ocean, which is a couple of hundred miles from the British Military base, Diego Garcia. From here I have a good calm place to contemplate the arguments about Britain being...

Bank of England cut growth forecast

Brexit negotiations initially got off to a shaky start as it seemed that British cabinet ministers were unable to reach an agreement on the best course of actions and the government also seemed at war with itself over the divorce terms.

Serious possibility of raising interest rates

All eyes were on Britain’s election at the start of the month with many polls predicting a wide range of outcomes - from a slim majority for the Conservatives to a hung parliament. In addition, forecasts for UK economic growth were optimistic in early June.

The Indian and the Jew

I met a broker last week, who has performed for us on several large deals previously. He always manages to pull something out of the bag when it’s required.

A life sentence in property is not a bad thing!

This afternoon, I'm due to meet a tenant who has been occupying a property we purchased on behalf of an investor.

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