Tata Steel UK workers accept cuts to pension benefits

Tata Steel workers in Britain voted to accept pension benefit cuts in return for safeguards on jobs and investment, although the proposal still faces regulatory hurdles

Hammond's Budget fails to thrill

Chancellor Phillip Hammond's unsavoury Spring Budget promises to hit the middle class below the belt, also spelling utter misery for all those who have put their money on stock market, property and other assets.

Petrol prices to be revised every day in 5 Indian cities

In a pilot run before a countrywide roll-out to counter undercutting by private retailers, state-run fuel retailers will revise petrol and diesel prices daily in five cities - Chandigarh, Udaipur, Vizag, Puducherry and Jamshedpur- from May 1

SA anti-apartheid icon Ahmed Kathrada passes away

Leaving behind a legacy rife with social justice, noted South African anti-apartheid activist, a Robben Island prisoner and one of Nelson Mandela's closest colleagues, Ahmed Kathrada died on Monday, aged 87

New generation Gujarati entrepreneurs in US moving beyond motels

Gujaratis not only play an important role in the US Lobby, they also savour a major place in the motel industry, with 40% of the motels in the United States owned by them.

2 Indian-origin among richest self-made US women

Two Indian origin women have made it to the Forbes' inaugural list of America's 50 richest self-made women

US asks public schools to let transgender access to bathrooms

The US administration has issued guidance directing public schools to let transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identity.

Will ‘Teflon’ President Zuma survive the latest scandal?

Former US President Ronald Reagan was called by his detractors “the Teflon president”. The nickname was coined by Patricia Schroeder, a Congresswoman, and reflected on how a plethora of scandals surrounding his presidency seemed to have no effect...

Diego Garcia & UK’s Ability to Project Global Power

I write to you from the Equator, on an Atoll in the centre of the Indian Ocean, which is a couple of hundred miles from the British Military base, Diego Garcia. From here I have a good calm place to contemplate the arguments about Britain being...

A Royal Visit for Closer UK India Relations

As Senior Dealmaker for the British Government’s Global Entrepreneur Programme I am responsible for India and China and I was about to have the best day of my 10 years in the role.

Britain's exit could be tough and protracted

Last week British Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50 of the EU's Lisbon Treaty with a formal notification of Britain's intent to leave the bloc on this afternoon, kicking off a two-year period of exit talks. Most analysts said the actual triggering of Article 50 will only have symbolic significance for investors, with the real driver for sterling being how negotiations with the EU will play out, and the health of the British economy going forward. Investors' main fear is that a "hard"...

Pound rebound since Brexit vote

Early on this month the number of jobs added to US non-farm payrolls in January soared to 227,000, Economists had expected a rise of 175,000 jobs during the last month, but the measure instead jumped to its highest point since July. However disappointing wage growth reduced expectations of another interest rate rise from the Federal Reserve, with a March move at this stage was given just a 9 percent chance from about 18 percent Thursday and as a result the USD was sold off. The tone continued with...


Last week I attended an auction after a very long time. The purpose was to purchase a small studio in Hallam Street, a stone throw away from Park Crescent. Park Crescent faces Regent’s park, currently half the crescent has been knocked down...

Incorporate or pay the new rate, is there any other way?

Currently there is an environment where some people are pleading plain ignorance, some are putting their heads in the sand, and then there are those who know and are reacting positively to the coming changes in the BTL tax regime.

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