Tuesday 26th May 2015 01:39 EDT
British Indians are the single largest ethnic minority population in the UK

But you already know that. Over 11% of the ethnic minority population in the UK are Indians, and when you include the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities this rises to more than 23%, but as readers of the UK's leading Asian titles you're already aware of how important our community is. ABPL, with it's flagship Gujarat Samachar and Asian Voice newsweeklies can help you maximise your marketing.

47 %

Highly Qualified

Almost half of our readers are professionals and include prominent Bankers, Solicitors, Accountants, Doctors and Financial Advisers.

26 %

The Nation's Shopkeepers

More than a quarter of our readers are in the Retails and Wholesale industry, including Newsagents, Groceries, Off-licences, Pharmacies, Opticians and Sub-Post offices.

82 %

On the Move

More than 80% of our readers own a car, with an average of 1.4 cars per household. Indians are more likely to own multiple vehicles than any other community in Britain.

38 %


More than a third of our readers earn over £30,000 per annum, more than the national average, and combined with their youthful demographic this is only going to increase with time.

Over 40 years of publishing and continuous campaigning, not only have we developed a loyal readership, but also a deep understanding our our readers and their needs.

We conduct regular surveys of our readers, and so we can help you reach the right audience for your campaign.

We also have the right tools for your brand campaigns, with not only regular display advertising, but also countless sponsorship opportunities in targeted special issues and events.

Visit our to learn more about advertising with us see how you can maximise your connection with the UK's most vibrant ethnic community.

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