Is money important in your life?

Rohit Vadhwana Tuesday 12th October 2021 04:07 EDT

Is money important in your life? Of course, yes. It gives us the ability to make life smooth. It gives them the power to purchase whatever they want - provided money can buy it. If one is rich, has enough money to spend and spare, a small extra addition does not make much difference in their lifestyle. What difference does it make to add a few thousand when you already have a million? But having those few thousand when you don't have any can be really useful. It is only when one lives with a shortage of resources that life is affected adversely.

Fearing a shortage at some point, many people live whole life as a race to accumulate more money. Their main aim is to be rich, prosperous and wealthy. How does this monetary richness help them in other aspects of life is questionable. While money gives them a free hand to get more facilities, more comfort and more resources, it cannot buy time, health, peace, satisfaction or such inner wealth. It sometimes, on the contrary, takes them away. Those who have made it a mission of their lives to keep earning and saving more money can hardly appreciate this difference. 

When friends meet, they do not talk of money. Their happiness comes from reminiscing the old days they have spent together. Growing old healthy is more important than growing old wealthy. This is a very simple notion that most people forget during their youth. To have more money when they retire, people put at stake their health and personal life. Some people save money so they can travel after retirement.

But it doesn't happen because by then the body gets weak. Many get in this mad race so they can buy a big house, just to realise later that it is not more than a small portion of the home which is actually used. It is not an exact amount that could be said to be sufficient in one's life. But having satisfaction at a certain level of richness is important. How and when does this satisfaction come into one's life? If it is an attitude, how about developing such an attitude that makes you feel rich and contended? As a trick, calculate an amount that can fulfil all your requirements of life, then add a bit more to it so that you feel rich. This amount and attitude should make you rich and contended. Consider anything extra added to that amount is just a number, not wealth.

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