Do you wear any jewellery?

Rohit Vadhwana Monday 06th September 2021 11:10 EDT

Do you wear any jewellery? What is your favourite jewellery? What kind of metal or material do you like most in your jewellery? Wearing of jewellery has been in custom since time immemorial since the human being has learned to live on the planet earth, and perhaps as soon as Eve had the first bite of the legendary apple. 

If you do not sport an idea of looking good, projecting a particular style and personality, you are perhaps an odd one out. Because 'jewellery is a universal form of adornment," says the website of Victoria and Albert Museum. Even those who dress very simple and modest, pose a typical style. After all, simplicity also demands a particular style of clothes and accessories. Jewellery depicts human love for the body and art. The way we decorate ourselves, by wearing rings, earrings, necklaces, belts or any other piece of accessories, becomes our style statement. These artefacts speak for themselves. In ancient times, jewellery used to be the prerogative of royals but today almost everyone can afford something nice to wear. It may not be diamond, gold or silver, but imitation and artificial jewellery have a big market. 

In some cultures, jewellery becomes part of the custom, associated with various occasions. For example, in some ancient civilisations, jewellery was buried with a dead body in the belief that it will be part of the afterlife of the deceased. While most women have a natural inclination towards the use of jewellery and accessories, men can also sport them very effectively. The belt, tie and cufflinks are pieces of jewellery for men and they can be pretty beautiful and costly. Watches and pens can be other pieces of accessories that men use as jewellery. Some men also wear rings, bracelets, neck-chain or some other jewellery but it depends on the individual's style. 

Whatever ornament you wear, it depicts your personality. We see people shining with gold and diamonds on the one hand, and having nothing at all on the body on the other hand. There are style statements of very bold and big jewellery on the one hand, while sober and delicate pieces could be another way of showcasing a class and elegance. It depends on what you are wearing and how you like to portray yourself. Next time when you put on a piece of any accessory, be mindful of how you will project yourself. 

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