Cranberries ARE superfoods

Cranberries have long been hailed a 'superfood' for their cancer-fighting properties but now they have been proven to benefit our gut health, say experts.

Too Many Avocados Can Be Bad for Your Health

If you happen to be one of those who love cooking with creamy, nutty-flavoured avocados, it is about time you read this.

Ritesh Batra: A Director to Watch

We were fortunate enough to catch acclaimed director, Batra, in the midst of cutting his latest film: forthcoming Hollywood feature, Our Souls At Night, produced by Netflix, and starring such tremendous talent as Jane Fonda and Robert Redford....

Sonali Dattani: Body Plot

Sonali is the director and coach of Body Plot: one of the most compassionate yet efficacious fitness programmes available online. Co-founded with her partner in life, Shafraz Hasnani, the budding company focuses on emotionally holding its clients...

Rai hosts National Asian Wedding show 2017

Kiran Rai, a Brit-Asian actor and international model from Nottingham hosted the National Asian Wedding show 2017 at the Radisson Blu hotel near Heathrow on Monday evening alongside Iris Rodriguez from Canal 7 television. 

Rai and Singh to attend India Fashion Week

Celebrity big brother reality star Chelsea Singh and British media magnet Kiran Rai will be teaming up this weekend at the India fashion week in Excel, to present with iconic london film production company and give exclusive interviews and interview...

Celebrate this Christmas on a sunny beach

Christmas and New Year celebration with friends and family have been a long standing tradition in most of the Western world, but people living in the cold climate and withstanding the rain and wind on daily basis, actually look for alternatives....

Sea change in the world of cruising

Over the years cruises have become an increasingly popular holiday options for families with children ranging from tots to teens, couples on a romantic getaway trying to re-kindle their romance or retired folk that want to relax. Now a days...

Launching the Timeless Treasures

Timeless Treasures – a heavy, coffee table book on the material culture of regal Indian weddings was launched amidst great pomp and grandeur at the Natural History Museum, by London based publisher Rutland Hall. 

EXCLUSIVE: "Will you marry me?"

Proposal planning is traditionally left to the men. But one women-only company in Leicester is encouraging fellow ladies to take charge and propose to their partners this leap year. Carriages Weddings & Events has launched a brand new proposal...

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