A study by Surrey and Southampton Universities has recently revealed that people who are overweight or obese and have darker skin tones could be at greater risk of catching Covid-19. The findings may help to explain disproportionate levels of...

Best Travel Gadgets to Buy

Getting ready for a vacation is never easy (there's always something you're bound to forget to pack) but once you're there, you want the trip to be a breeze

Kavin Wadhar: KidCoachApp

KidCoachApp is a friendly educational app that offers 5-minute conversation starters to pivotally develop your child’s “talking, thinking and feeling skills,” as Kavin Wadhar, the founder, father of two and former UK division director in education...

Kavi Shah: Candid Stories

Kavi has a simple yet refreshingly honest style.

Smart jewellery for a smarter you

Up until the last few decades, the best perceived gift for a woman was considered to be a piece of jewellery. Perhaps, the idea still stands relevant today only now it is a “touch smarter”. The Bellabeat leaf chakra is a practical and an attractive...

“My biopic would inspire women to follow their dreams with faith and courage”

A household name in India and with growing popularity in the UK, businesswoman and cosmetologist Shahnaz Husain, is the founder, chairperson & managing director of The Shahnaz Husain Group.

Hiking up the Yosemite National Park

The UK is in lockdown and we have no idea when the world is going to be back on its feet leave aside the travel industry. But you have this urge to get away from the four walls of your room – what should you do?

What’s hot on the shelves?

Good oral hygiene is essential especially when you have a sweet tooth and cannot forego your daily consumption of sugary drinks and sticky toffee. Combatting cavities and taking good care of gums means flossing, and brushing your teeth twice...

Lavish Royal wedding may cost £32 million

As 19th May is steadily approaching, the anticipation for the Royal wedding of the year is intensifying. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be tying the knot and entering marital bliss in May, and it is estimated that their wedding will cost...

Royal wedding invitation sent to 600 guests

As the countdown begins to the highly anticipated wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle due to take place on 19th May, their spectacular wedding card has been revealed.

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