Success is a duty, not destiny!

Rohit Vadhwana Wednesday 27th October 2021 04:26 EDT

Success is a relative measure. It may connote different meanings in the lives of different people. Some are successful with a house and a car, others are victorious if they earn a million while a few others may not be successful even if they earn tens of billions during their lifetime. Why? Because it is relative to the station of life from where one starts. It also means a journey that one goes through to achieve that stage in life. No need to mention that success encompasses not only monetary parameters but also other aspects of life. We have the ability to use the power of mind and body to be triumphant in any field of choice.
Everyone is given equal time. Everyone has plenty of other resources available to use. Anyone branding success as destiny is either running in the wrong direction or not running at all. One may not get success in business, but can certainly grow in academics or arts, or become a beloved family person or achieve a remarkable position in society. Depending on your interest and aptitude, a field for success should be selected. But once chosen, achieving success cannot be left to destiny, it has to become your mission to be successful.
Whatever success might mean to you, being there is your duty, not destiny. Even if you believe in destiny, it is your duty to fulfil the destined purpose of your existence in this world. Everyone present here has come with a purpose and required intelligence and strength are bestowed upon him/her to fulfil that purpose. No one should make excuses for any shortcomings, as there may be alternate strengths given to him/her. John Milton wrote Paradise Lost when he lost vision. Helen Keller learnt the strength of other senses in absence of sight and hearing ability. There are plenty of such examples and plenty of fields for being successful. There is no dearth of opportunities in any field. What is required is a strong determination, unwavering dedication and Himalayan will to succeed.
Everyone cannot and does not require to achieve the same position to become successful. It is an individual specific and subjective measure, but failing to achieve that level is certainly a lack of commitment towards own duty. Failure while doing own duty to achieve success is acceptable but an attitude of 'If destined, I will succeed' is not. Because, success is a duty, not destiny.

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