Introspection: Life has seasons too!

Rohit Vadhwana Wednesday 05th June 2024 07:41 EDT
Nature changes as per seasons. Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer or Monsoon  - based on which season you are experiencing, nature will show its characteristics. Just like the environment surrounding you, life will also have seasons. Life is not constant always, there are changes, ups and downs, which you may or may not like, but are inevitable parts of life. No one lives a life of happiness forever, and all times. An individual has to go through some kind of suffering and grinding to experience the value of joy. Everyone learns lessons through hard times, an essential way of nature to teach us wisdom. The gold doesn't glitter without being melted in fire. We do not get our shine unless taken through a rough phase of life. The seed has to be buried underground to emerge as a sapling. Many times we complain about the adversities coming in our life, but do not realise that without standing in rain and sun, a plant cannot bear fruits. We too have to withstand hard sun and heavy rains in life, metaphorically, to bear fruits. Unless you sustain the heat and cold of the seasons, life doesn't move to the next phase. Avoiding any of the seasons in life simply means denying the benefit coming after that. No season is permanent in nature, or in life. Actually nothing is permanent in the universe. Your sorrow and pain are temporary like winter. There will be happiness and joy coming with the blossoms of the spring. Trees will grow green again and the sky will be clear in life too. Similarly, in good times too, do not forget that the next season will come when time is ready. So no one always lives in spring, amidst beautiful flowers, but have to undergo the frosting snow and barrenness of fall.Those who can understand this cycle of seasons in life, and accept all the seasons with magnanimity, can live life without being affected by them. They accept pain or pleasure with equanimity, without being drained away with the seasonality. Living in harmony and peace requires us to accept the seasons of life, as them come, and in whatever order they show up. 

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