Introspection: Remove stones, your path will be clear

Rohit Vadhwana Wednesday 08th May 2024 07:40 EDT
If you want to walk on a clear path, don't search for one. Rather remove stones on the path, and it will become levelled for you. For those who are in search of eternal peace, what they need to do is to identify issues that are causing anxiety in their mind. Once these issues are resolved, there will be blissful peace. Similarly, your intention to attain good health can be fulfilled by curing the diseases causing trouble. This approach of removing hurdles to make any situation conducive is often easier than looking for a new one. There are always two different approaches to achieving a goal. One is to find a situation that is perfect for you, another is to remove imperfection in the existing circumstances. Both lead to the same outcome. In vain, sometimes we search for greener pastures instead of watering our own dried ones to make them green. It is a wise idea to remove gravels to make the stream flow smoothly. Not necessarily do we need to search for a new stream. In life, when in despair of not getting something you have long desired for, try to make changes in what you already have got. Perhaps it would give you the most amazing result you cannot even imagine. Be it a life partner, family, friends, or any other relation where you find your mouth turning sour, perhaps it's time to re-look at them and make a bit of adjustment to let the sweetness of relationship fill in your life. In career, while looking for something that you have not been able to achieve yet, it's worth trying to search for the opportunities available on hand, and make them work for you. Albert Camus writes, 'You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.' It is your way of addressing a problem that decides the direction of your life. It gives you satisfaction or constant stress by having something or not having it. Change in outlook might reveal the hidden gems that are in front of your eyes forever, but you have been unable to see its shine. 

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