Are you rising in your career or growing?

Often we misinterpret the term career growth as a rise in career. If you are employed in a company and getting promotions at regular intervals, it's a rise in your career. It certainly is expected to be coupled with a pay hike as well. In most cases, it is a measurement of success in your career. It is a recognition of your talent and hard work. It shows your capability as a professional.

Introspection: Is A.I. new coal or plastic?

The whole world is optimistic to adopt the use of AI in every field of life. Its benefits are highlighted disproportionately against the discussion on its adverse effects. 

What happens when we meet someone for the first time? No, not always love at first sight! But there is something called - the first impression of a person that remains in our mind. Someone so dashing, or sober and silent, or someone very vocal,...

Recently I watched a Hindi movie, Chaman Bahar, on an online streaming platform. Starring Jitendra Kumar and Ritika Badiani, the movie is directed by Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann. The movie is certainly not one of the 100 crore clubs but is in the...

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