Handling pressure

Rohit Vadhwana Tuesday 07th December 2021 09:43 EST

In personal and professional life, we come across a number of pressure points. The cause and degree of such pressure may vary from person to person. In professional life, one may be under a constraint to deliver targets while in personal life there might be an emotional burden. There is hardly anyone who does not have any kind of tension in life. Actually, such pressure may be useful as a motivation to do something better but if not handled properly it may result in stress.

Every individual has a different capacity to handle demanding situations. You might have come across people who constantly complain of stress even for the works which seem normal to you. On the other hand, there is another category of individuals who have the ability to deal with difficult situations very easily. Whether this capacity to manage pressure is a skill or inherent is a different subject but in most situations, it is important to know how much pressure you can handle. Taking the unnecessary burdens of things that cannot be dealt with healthily is disastrous. Therefore, we should choose the pressure wisely, and only if required. Having the pressure of the issue which are not at all important in personal or professional life is insanely foolish. Avoid it at all costs.

But one also needs to differentiate between being busy and being under stress. Both are not the same thing. Every time pressure of work does not result in stress. It may be taking toil of personal comfort and ease, but still much less than apprehensive stress. The intensity of activities might be demanding but yet not pressured if done calculatingly and with good planning. Passion for something keeps one driving beyond the normal speed and capacity. Having overexertion is not similar to encumbrance, it can be handled with peace of mind and in good composure.

In today's time of fragile work-life balance and demanding urgent situations, it is really imperative to identify pressure points and control them before they become stressful. It is also critical to know when to accept such a load on the mind and when to give it a pass. Do not accept an invitation to participate in every race, do not prove your ability on every occasion. Run smoothly and enduringly if it is a marathon, do not sprint. Only in the earthshaking moments, one has to be under tension. At any other time, the best way is to keep calm and sail smoothly, without taking pressure on the situation.

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