In Defence of the Faith - My Hate Speech

The irresponsibility in this day and age, to exploit religious differences where none exist is both negligent and dangerous. ITV have done this by putting young Hindu adolescents in harm’s way. The idea that a TV channel would inflame any part of the world, particularly Britain, for selling TV viewers should be criminal offence – wait, it is – incitement to hatred.

Not Just Former Former Foreign Secretary - British interests compromised by former government officials based on documents supplied by ex-British intelligence

Former Ministers, and especially Prime Ministers should never ever be allowed to work for foreign agents. Pure and simple. Otherwise they damage British interests.

One to One with Keith Vaz : Nidhi Singh

Nidhi Singh, the founder of NRI Legal Services, grew up with a passion for fighting injustice. A lawyer, she decided early to take up the cudgels for fighting for legal rights of NRIs, to work towards creating an efficient legal system for them...

Jaimini Raniga

Jaimini Raniga was born in Mumbai, India. Her father Mr C.C. Patel was a well renowned entrepreneur and business consultant in East Africa and her mother Savita Patel, a compassionate social worker in East Africa. She went to boarding schools...

Opposition VS Modi: Sau Sunaar ki Ek Lohaar ki

On the sidelines of the Republic Day celebrations in Guildhall, London, a lot of us from the press were discussing on general topics, but mainly on Indian politics. Someone asked me my take on the ongoing political scenario of the country, and...

As I See It

Illusion of GrandeurOn Tuesday Tory government received a rubbing nose, historic defeat, which was not a real surprise. Prior to the vote, there was turmoil in the Cabinet on this subject. On Wednesday when we were going to the press, the Commons was debating...

The Housing Crisis this Christmas: 300,000 People Need a Home

At a time when family, community and a roaring fire are the comforts of the season, many urgently need shelter and the  basic necessities that can be taken for granted by those of us preparing for the festive period. The housing crisis remains...

Executor made personally liable for £340,000 tax bill

In the recent case of Glyne T Harris as Personal Representative of Helena Norma McDonald (deceased) v HRMC (2018), Mr Harris, was found liable for a tax bill of £341,279. 

Tipu and Bahadur Shah Zafar as Heroes of Imran

Pakistan is full of contradictions. The baby country born out of the British India, just in August 1947, rightly claims a common heritage of 5,000 years with India.

Claimants for Andaman and Nicobar Islands

While going through “Jinnah Papers” published by the Government of Pakistan, one letter dated 5 July 1947, to the secretary of state for India from Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the first Governor-General of Pakistan claiming the Andaman and Nicobar...

Are there different challenges and opportunities facing the Hindu business community of Europe compared to indigenous or other communities?

Chris Chapman is the Group Managing Director of GlucoRx which is the largest supplier of Diabetes Management Solutions in the UK. For those who haven't heard of GlucoRx, please take a moment to browse the website

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