“Kool Cakes” like no other

The founder of Kool Cakes, Kulwinder Kumar Bagha, a.k.a. Paul, is the pioneer of eggless cakes in the UK. Paul was the first person to start the revolution of eggless cakes in Britain after opening his first eggless cake shop in Southall – also...

London Mayor hosts Q&A for Trudeau and Ardern

On Wednesday 18thApril, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan introduced the prime ministers of Canada and New Zealand, Justin Trudeau and Jacinda Ardern, to an audience of London teenagers.

Fighting gender injustice in a changing world

Shadow Attorney General for England and Wales and Director of Liberty from September 2003 to March 2016, Baroness Shami Chakrabarti, is to address issues of gender injustice at a public lecture at the University of Leicester.

Pharmacist struck off after showing Isis propaganda video to child

A pharmacist who was jailed in October 2017 has been struck off the register after attempting to “indoctrinate” a child with Isis propaganda. Last year, Zameer Abdul Majid Ghumra, was given a six-year jail sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court...

Curry making Bradford's underground stream turn yellow

The city of Bradford in West Yorkshire has been dubbed as the “curry capital” of Britain, and proudly boasts of 200 Asian restaurants in an industry that employs almost 100,000. However, an underground beck flowing through the city has been...

Asian constable alleges police force “blocked” his career path

The tribunal at Teeside Magistrates' Court heard how a police force with no black officers allegedly barred an Asian constable's promotion aspirations while “incompetent white officers” prospered and forged ahead.

770,000 people in England unable to speak English well

In an interview, the communities secretary, Sajid Javid revealed that 770,000 people living in England speak little or no English at all, and warned that up to 70% of them are women from the Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities.

Sigma sponsors transformation of Community Pharmacy 2025 vision

A donation from Sigma Pharmaceuticals plc is funding a three year PhD scholarship aimed at developing a coherent and transformative vision for English community pharmacy in 2025. The project has already begun in the Department of Pharmacy and...

Family of a nine year old Indian origin boy Shreyas Royal is fighting to stay in Britain, so that he can pursue his dreams to become the country's first ever world champion. Shreyas has only played chess for four years but is already defeating...

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