The Politics of Time

Tuesday 30th December 2014 15:23 EST

Within our speck of dust in the vastness of our galaxy, you and I in our lifetimes will live 700,000 hours. That is all. What then in our great insignificance can we do of meaning?
A philosopher once said, I don’t know why we are on this planet, but I’m pretty sure it is not just to have fun.
Speaking of Carl Sagan, he also pointed out, ‘“The Hindu religion is the only one of the world’s great faiths dedicated to the idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an infinite, number of deaths and rebirths. It is the only religion in which the time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology. Its cycles run from our ordinary day and night to a day and night of Brahma, 8.64 billion years long. Longer than the age of the Earth or the Sun and about half the time since the Big Bang.”
We shall use our religions for good – to leave the Cosmos better than we found it – for our faith also teaches us, we are all inter-connected; if one is slave or slain, we are all slave and slain. Or as the Jews put it, ‘if you save one life, you save the whole of mankind’.
- Alpesh Patel

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