London Has Fallen

Kapil Dudakia Wednesday 28th February 2024 05:37 EST

Wednesday 21st February 2024, the day London fell to the extremists in our society. It was meant to be just another day in parliament for MPs to gather, to discuss parliamentary motions, and then vote on them. Something they do every day. However, on this day no one could have foreseen the madness that would be unleased to send shock waves right across the nation.

The matter was for MPs to agree, or not, with the SNP (Scottish National Party) opposition motion that in effect sought an immediate ceasefire by Israel, adding within the motion some very unsavoury elements that most sane people would never agree to. It’s the Government’s job to put forward an amendment to counter anything they feel is unacceptable and this they did as per the modus operandi for parliament. The Labour Party, against all parliamentary norms, decided to jump into this mix with their own amendment. However, for some mad reason that is beyond the wit of men, the speaker of the house Lindsay Hoyleinstead of rejecting it, said that he would allow this third motion to stand by breaking parliamentary procedure. There have been many accusations against the speaker, the main one being that this was done to let Keir Starmer and the Labour Party off the hook since significant numbers of Labour MPs were on the verge rejecting Keir Starmer’s position and would vote for the SNP motion. The speaker by breaking parliamentary procedures allowed Labour to offer a third way. A way for most Labour MPs not to vote for the SNP motion and remain united behind Keir. The speaker in essence instead of being independent, became judge, jury and executioner.Instead of being the independent arbiter, he became the sole governor of the UK.

All hell broke loose. The Government rightly withdrew from this false unprecedented madness created by the speaker. The result, the day reserved for the SNP and their motion was ignored because the Labour amendment was carried.

The speaker was summoned to Parliament to explain himself. He said he was fearful for the safety of MPs and their families. Astonishing given that the speaker of the British Parliament was now declaring that the madness of extremists (that includes not just Islamists, but also other groups that had joined in) in our nation had reached such heights that the safety of our politicians, and that of our sovereign parliament, could no longer be assured.

By definition,LONDON HAD FALLEN to the lunatics.

This was acceptance at the highest level that our police are now so incompetent, that even the speaker had no confidence in their ability to protect politicians and their families. A damning indictment on where we are as a nation.

How did we get to this untenable position?

The answer is quite simple. This nation allowed extremists in our society to do whatever they wanted to do. We have seen groups like Extension Rebellion (ER), Black Lives Matter (BLM), LGBTIQA+, Climate change, Just Stop Oil, CND, EDL, Islamists, Khalistanis and countless others come out on our streets under any pretence and hold the nation to ransom. We have seen the abhorrent hate marches on our streets proclaiming ‘from the River to the Sea’ openly. A direct threat to our Jewish community who now live daily under the real threat for their lives. We have seen the madness of Islamists who have marched towards the Indian High Commission championing the illegality of Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Add to this the Khalistanis who have exhibited their own brand of extremism on our streets. We thought the days of the IRA wreaking havoc on our streets was over. How wrong were we that todaythey have been replaced by these modern-day extremists.

People have said to me, what will it take for the nation to wake up? They point out the horrors of : Grooming gangs, Trojan horse scandal, British Muslims joining ISIS, London terror attacks, Batley Grammar School, Speaker's Corner controlled by Islamist thugs, David Amess murder, Post Oct 7 weekly hate marches, more than 700% rise in anti-Semitism, Police ready to take the knee, Parliament terrorisedinto breaking its own procedures, and the list goes on, and on.

My fear, and this is a real fear, if this nation allows Islamists and others of similar ilk to run riot on our streets, then the day will come soon when the far-right (that has hitherto been contained) will have the excuse to take to the streets with their own brand of madness. On one side we will have the far-right, and on the other the Islamists and their supporters– and I fear most of us law abiding citizens will be caught up in the middle. The far right doesn’t distinguish between one type of ‘Asian’ or another type of ‘Asian’. To them we all look the same. The Islamists seem to attack anyone who does not agree with themor their perverse ideology. The Police can’t stop taking the knee, it seems they are spineless against such extremists. Maybe the day is not too far before we see our troops on our streets to provide a visible assurance for our protection. This is Great Britain 2024!

London has fallenbecause Keir Starmer and the Labour Party succumbed to the extremists. Do you really think this party is fit to govern this nation?

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