Look into those eyes!

Rohit Vadhwana Monday 16th August 2021 08:10 EDT

Have you ever faced a situation where the other person doesn't look in your eyes while talking? Not maintaining eye contact while being in the conversation is considered impolite. Some cultures specifically emphasise direct eye contact. When two persons talk, exchange views, half of the communication is done through eyes. Therefore, many songs are composed on eyes and their communicative abilities, especially in Bollywood. Have you not heard of a person falling (or rising?) in love at the first sight? All thanks to the eye contact of the two parties!How does it matter if we are not looking in the eyes of the other person? Why can't we just talk while looking away?

Looking somewhere towards the sky while talking to a person - how does it affect interaction? Well, you might have a different opinion and belief about the importance of eye contact, but remember, many people think if you don't maintain eye contact, you are a liar. Though it can be a whole debate whether eyes can lie? Is it possible for anyone to fake expressions of eyes? Can anyone convey a wrong message through eye contact? Does maintaining eye contact mean that the person is speaking only the truth? This is most important while playing cards in casinos or during the interrogation. How to read someone's eyes is also a matter of individual expertise.

People claim that those who are emotionally attached can see the pain behind a smiling face, through eyes. However, it must be because of emotions, not eye contact. Unless we say that emotions are expressed through eyes, though words may say something else. Look into the eyes of someone and you will know the person well. Body language experts have been giving different interpretations to different gazes.

How does one look at you, from which angle, with different widths of the eye, and whether s/he blinks at a certain time - all that is taken into account while analyzing body language. Although body language also looks at other gestures, but eyes form an important part of that interpretation. Interviewers also look at the person's ability (and inability) to maintain eye contact. While coaching for an interview, we are told to look into the eyes of members asking a question.

Next time, when talking to someone, it may be useful to remember that maintaining eye contact - may be useful (as well as harmful - if you are lying.) It may be the best way to express something confidently and meaningfully. It will also be a way to establish confidence in the person to whom you are talking. So, look into those eyes!

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