A match is not won till the final penalty kick!

Rohit Vadhwana Tuesday 13th July 2021 09:45 EDT

We saw in the Euro2020 final match between England and Italy that the result is not decided till the final penalty kick. It was a good game and both teams played well but just as it happens in every sport, the winner is only one. Each minute of the match was exciting. Every viewer was sitting on the edge of the chair, holding their breath till the last penalty stroke. The game changed in favour of one team to another many times, giving hope and despair not only to the players but also to supporters. Stakes were very high for both the teams.

The same thing happens in real life. In day-to-day life, we do not pay attention to such heart-throbbing intensity in different situations, but it is actually true that the last moment and last effort decide the final result. It is in a way positive as well as negative. If you are already winning, you cannot be laid back till the final decisive moment. You can even lose an already won war in the last battle. Remember the famous story of rabbit and tortoise?

In the cases where success is difficult to achieve, efforts till the last minute may change the result dramatically. Never give up, till it is finally decided. After all, only those are confirmed losers who do not try. Therefore, keeping fingers crossed, keeping hopes positive, and working towards successful results is the best lesson learned from every sport. Sometimes even miracles happen and circumstances change beyond our expectation, leading to a well-desired result. If two boxers are in the ring, the knockout punch can come from anyone. Even those who have dominated the whole game may end up losing by the final stroke of the play, suddenly and shockingly.

In fact, every game, and the situation in life, is based on our efforts, circumstances and opponents. Skills play a very big role in the performance and therefore honing the skills to our best is important in practice. Performing to the best of our strength and skills is next most important for winning the game and achieving success in life. But then other factors like opponents' skills, strength and performance also play a role. If they are weak,

distracted, it is easy to win. If they are dedicated and at the top of the game, it is not easy to compete. But in both cases, our attentiveness cannot be valued less. Losing sight of the final goal can be disastrous for us anytime. Just take a case of a Formula One racer. How fast he has to drive, how quickly the position changes on the track, how advantageous it would be for other drivers if he misses his attention even for a second? Similarly, if other racers miss the focus for even a fraction of a second, his position would change to a more advantageous one.

It's true for climbing the ladder of success also. Therefore, till the result is announced, never give up hope for a positive one. Never give up efforts in middle. Hit with the best of your might till the last moment. Put your best foot forward till you win.

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