SPOTLIGHT: Dheeraj Chadha: Cutting-Edge Hospitality

Sunetra Senior Wednesday 29th March 2023 07:58 EDT

Dheeraj is by no means an ordinary businessman. He expertly merges two prosperous industries to uniquely stopper a commercial gap. Thus, D Chadha Hospitality Consulting was born ! Drawing from his 24 years of leading experience in the hospitality sector, the founder is now at the forefront of accommodating luxury innovation, supplying top-end chambers, such as hotels, cruise ships, spas and even possibly retirement homes with the latest in excellent leisurely tech. The founder collaborates with a variety of luxury lifestyle brands to propel the concept of cutting-edge hospitality. This includes the "guest-centric" platforming of  creative, slick products such as economical wine coolers which only require five ice-cubes by  label, Hielo ( and compact yet stylish yoga-stretch machine, Elasko (, and the signature connectivity solution, the Media Hub, from his previous employment(pictured). 


 "As soon as the digital boom happened," Dheeraj, who began his entrepreneurial journey in the late nineties, shared with us, "people wanted accessibility to their own devices and content anywhere in the world. The internet was obviously the main driving force. In the advent of online streaming, we were one of the first to help provide solutions to link the guest to the big screen, working with the electronics company Philips: we sold hundreds and thousands of units so that vacationers across the globe could have the best possible experience from within their rooms." The novel networker's far-flung hospitality does not conclude there. Dheeraj continues to source a plethora of ever-evolving superior inventions in his consultancy role at The Hospitality Edit( to enhance the experience of prestigious hospitality and, with it, recreative joy: from futuristic protein shakers to award-winning health supplements that tap into "the health and well-being sector." 

 He has also branched out into revolutionising restaurants, having launched in the UK, My Menu digital app(, which cinematically accentuates the aesthetic appeal of respective dishes via a reel of tantalising captures, accompanying the written menu. This can be accessed online. "We are working with what's already there to upsell and please the customer." Dheeraj interestingly cites travel as the emotive impetus behind his diverse glowing empire, stating that "the glamourous hotels of Las Vegas have always been a fascinating source of inspiration: they really demonstrate that the place where one stays is often the vacation itself! I have myself been to Las Vegas in excess of 40 times." Indeed, what are the odds on that?  

"I particularly love The Venetian - famous for its Gondola, complete with the mock-up of a European canal! We actually deployed a broadband hub to the establishment back in the day which is still in use!" Boasting a cascade of huge hotels as his client-base, including The Four Seasons, Hilton and Marriott, Dheeraj underscored his successful ethos: "having the most exciting, useful features is what makes the customer happy – this is why they return." Not only then does Dheeraj procure quality comfort, but further proudly celebrates it: more than an impressive brand, he has developed a new, transcendent trade. Finally, rather than coldly dominating, D Chadha Hospitality Consulting  demonstrates how technology can  awesomely serve. Find out more at:  


Tell us more on exactly how you have reinvented the hospitality sector? 

It really is about regularly upgrading the experience of the interior e.g. I have a current vision of a wholly integrative app: imagine that you can control every aspect of your room through the use of just your phone: from closing the curtains to switching on and off the lights, ordering room service to paying your bill.

What has been a highlight of the job?  

Definitely the travel. I had an office in Rio where I could see the famous Carnival from my window. I have launched a couple of products to Brand Standard which means a hotel brand have to get these features e.g., the wireless charger alarm clock .  

What does a typical consultation look like? 

Mostly, we are approached via exposure and word of mouth. From this point, we are happy to dialogue in whatever way the customer sees fit.  

Where in the world is the best market for hospitality? 

Currently, Saudi Arabia! They are putting so much money into hotels e.g.; we are working on getting into to the Red Sea Global Development there. European hotel markets are still stagnant. They will have to keep up, especially following lockdown where hotel occupancy has dropped drastically. They need a high level of facilities and product to wow guests in an immediate environment.  

Do you plan to expand your unique brand of innovative hospitality further? 

Yes. I'd love to get into retail – getting quality comfort products for the home into big shops such as Costco, Home Depot, B &Q. Our products are already available on Amazon. I love being ahead of the game and always presenting what's different.  

Did you have favourite gadgets or games when you were younger? 

I loved Space Invaders back in the Seventies. I grew up in Malaysia where the state of tech was a bit further back than in the developing western world, but loved enjoyable inventions. Nowadays, of course, you cannot live without this. Imagine what you would do without your phone: it's got everything! "

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