Asian artist inspires community to end cancer tabboo

Bollywood singer and songwriter Veronica Mehta, 44, of Uxbridge who survived breast cancer, spoke on Monday about 'breaking the stigma' around the disease in the Asian community on Sunrise radio, which is dedicating the month to supporting Cancer...

Five types of carbs to include in your diet

Victims to bad PR, Carbohydrates are often frowned upon when it comes to weight loss.

Prime Minister visits Bombay Central

Bombay Central, an Indian restaurant in Harrow, was honoured and humbled to welcome the UK Prime Minister, The Rt Hon Theresa May MP and other distinguished politicians and councillors to Bombay Central on Saturday 10th March. The visit marked...

Restaurant accused of racism after refusing British-Asian duo table

An Asian man and woman were allegedly subjected to racial discrimination and believe to be victims of “racial profiling” as they were refused a table at a popular restaurant chain.

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