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Sunetra Senior Wednesday 28th June 2023 08:24 EDT

Robothink, a leading coding, robotics, and engineering company, is making significant strides in preparing children aged 4 to 14 through STEM-themed camps, workshops and afterschool and learning centre programmes for children. With a global presence in over 23 different countries, RoboThink is on a mission to nurture geniuses around the world and improve the lives of children through STEM education. With a focus on educative robotics and coding, RoboThink introduces children to important STEM concepts such as mechanical, electrical engineering, and coding. The program promotes logical thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, spatial awareness abilities, and fosters creativity through hands on project-based lessons.

According to Nitin, the CEO of RoboThink UK, we are living in the midst of a new industrial revolution, where vehicles can drive themselves, factories run day and night without humans and robots perform surgery without rest. Moreover with the advancement of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies like Chat GPT, it is crucial for children to become technologically savvy from an early age: "Recent research indicates that 65% of kids will have job roles that do not exist in the current market," he shared. "Considering these changes, it has become essential and a necessity for children, parents, schools and governments to educate the next generation on these new technologies at an early age to prepare them for a changing world. RoboThink is on a mission to equip children with the necessary problem-solving skills and mindset to adapt and succeed in the ever-evolving technological landscape".

 Nitin emphasises for children growing up in today’s day and age, it is essential that they have exposure to robotics and coding to successfully participate in a 21st century workforce. RoboThink programs offer a fun and educational way for students of all ages and skill levels to gain exposure to these critical programs develop the skills and habits for lifelong achievement: "At the heart of RoboThink's approach is a patented 3-dimensional proprietary robotics classroom kit developed by early childhood researchers that allows children to build any type of robot with just three types of cells, whether it's a helicopter or a dinosaur." This innovative system fosters creativity and resourcefulness while adding technicality through RoboThink’s coding program which is a mixture of computer coding and robotics coding. Each project is tailored to align with a child's interests, keeping them engaged and motivated. Regular assessments are conducted to gauge the child's mood and prevent boredom. Through experimentation and playtime with the robots, children are encouraged to explore different combinations, fostering an open and inquisitive mindset. 

RoboThink prepares children for a future, where keeping up with rapid advancements is crucial, by merging coveted skills such as technological visualization, data processing, and problem-solving. Nitin commented: "We see ourselves as a supplement to the education sector, hoping to work with schools nationwide and even introduce our lessons into the national curriculum at some stage. There is a high demand for adults to be leading STEM employees, but early education lacks the necessary resources to achieve this. Even inexperienced adults in the sector can benefit from our programs, as demonstrated by an engineer at McLaren's who was impressed with our clear demonstration of gears and their workability as a valuable mental tool."

Educating more than 50,000 kids worldwide, RoboThink operates through physical in-person learning centres, allowing children to experience the world of robotics and coding first-hand. Nitin emphasizes the importance of STEM education and encourages individuals to embrace technology as an enabler rather than becoming entirely dependent on it. RoboThink is shaping the next generation of innovators, creators, and critical thinkers, preparing them to confidently navigate the challenges and opportunities: “At RoboThink we believe, every child is born with unlimited potential, and it is our dream to unlock that potential.”

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