Shezad Khalil: Classic Encounters

Shezad is a creative marketing consultant, working for the independent dance company, Morph Dance Company

Ayush Kejriwal: Reinventing Fashion

Ayush is a master stylist of miscellaneous materials, redefining the meaning of fashion in an ever-changing modern world. His eye-popping creations are an alluring mix of Eastern and Western influences and beyond, and make a bold and radiant...

Nominated for Pet Plan's national Nurse of the Year Award by a public vote, twice in a row, Head Veterinary nurse, Kavita, gave us some insights into the nuances of her valuable yet underrepresented work

In today’s climate, to be ‘Transnational’ is to be provocative: not least because this cheekily challenges the concept of any cultural label.  Up- and-coming...

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