SPOTLIGHT: Roopa Kotecha: Cassio Road Dental Practice

Sunetra Senior Tuesday 15th November 2022 03:37 EST

Cassio Road Dental Practice is the very definition of modern healthcare. The Practice maximally makes use of the digital ecosphere to deliver the best available quality service. Business Development Lead and Adminstrator, Roopa, elaborated on this: “a prominent feature of our website, for example, is regular updated content. This ranges from patients' reviews, communications about the latest treatments and success stories, to newsletters and current affairs, relevant dental news and anything directly related to the practice itself. We believe in keeping customers connected as well as providing excellent care.” Indeed, the practice has recently won an award for best dental website at the Prestigious Private Dentistry Awards in London. The physical business, which is based in Watford, is impressively digitally integrated to create an enhanced salubrious whole. The practice itself offers several specialist treatments such as complex crown and bridgework, periodontal treatment, aesthetic treatment including white fillings, veneers and tooth whitening, dental implants, orthodontic treatment, and teeth whitening in general. “We even have our own means of production, investing in our own mill on site, which means we can design and manufacture restorations for the complex crown work and sometimes the entire process can be completed in a day which is beneficial and saves time for both the practice and patient.” Another contemporary treatment advertised on the site is Invisalign which is “minimally invasive and contrasts to the traditionally clunky fixed braces Gen Y may remember growing up.” In short, the cutting-edge surgery provides an unrivalled accessibility which newly enhances the industry. This is definitely evident in the thorough level of customer-care.    


 “The customer does not have to delay or compromise on feeling better and receiving appropriate care. We want people to have proper solutions as efficiently as possible and in a warm manner too. Our unique approach is that we do have several channels which facilitate this. We always tell you exactly what can be done, even if the issue may be severe. However, we also work with you to follow the recommended path – including costs, ideas and timelines - so that superior treatments can be delivered in a supportive environment and customers do not have to be afraid.” Indeed, regarding gum disease which is increasingly prevalent in the UK, Cassio Road Dental promises that: “dental and hygiene teams can collectively provide you with treatment through a multi-faceted approach.” Roopa emphasised the generally friendly, collaborative and functional approach of the dental practice, challenging the sometimes-stereotyped idea of dentistry as rough, intimidating or cold. “We understand that people want to feel confident – how we look and the way that affects us was clear during lockdown when many of us had to suddenly appear on camera!” It seems Roopa, Neil and their expert team value the customer’s comfort and happiness as integral to their personal wellbeing, truly appreciating how the little, or rather, enamelled, things matter! “A significant part of our practising presence also entails raising social awareness,” Roopa told us. “We make many public health announcements to prevent and reduce the risks of disease e.g., November is Mouth Cancer Awareness Month and we have shared on our social media many useful tips on how to identify this in its early stages. Please see our FB page for more details. At the end of the day, we want to be able to reach as many people as possible and connect them to our heartfelt work.” Finally, not only do Cassio Road Dental revamp the dental image, but also the epitome of current professionalism.    

What has been a highlight moment?   

The communal coffee morning initiative we’ve organised to raise money for MacMillan Cancer and winning the best website as well as being shortlisted as finalists for the upcoming dentistry awards at the end of November. We’ve also had so many positive reviews from customers, which are each a valued achievement. Just being able to enjoy success led by authentic investment is a great blessing.    

How did you find navigating business during the time of lockdown?   

Of course, it was difficult, and the surgery was closed for 3 months. However, we kept operating with phone and video calls and did allow for emergency appointments. The logistics of upholding a safe but effective service were tough, but our perseverance and determination to serve our community allowed us to prevail. Our staff have even continued to wear masks as recently as a few months ago to ensure overall social wellbeing of our patients and staff at all times. Complete PPE during the initial waves of the pandemic was crucial.    

What’s a misconception about dentists which simply is not true?   

That they are just out to get your money and want to charge you extortionate fees. If you saw some of the work that went into many of these complex cases, it’s completely justified. Sometimes people are frustrated with the NHS, with whom we also work, but often they are doing their best within the confines of the budget. It’s a much larger organisation and so the constraints are immense with it.     



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