Leading EdTech business launches franchise in the UK following recent global success

Monday 23rd January 2023 11:39 EST

The British Youth International College (BYITC), the Glasgow-headquartered but globally operating educational technology (EdTech) business, has launched its successful franchise model in the UK. 

BYITC already has 10 franchises globally, with two, in Dubai and Sri Lanka, which were signed-up in the last two months.

Dr Rashmi Mantri, founder of BYITC, who was born in India and now lives in Glasgow, said, “Our Supermaths and English, Coding and Cyber Security modules represent a management franchise with a tutoring twist. It suits both those looking for a management franchise opportunity as well as an educational franchise, since teaching can be hands-on or hands-off as desired.

“If you are looking to come out of the industry or seeking some extra income in a field where you can make a real difference to children’s education, then I believe our BYITC Supermaths franchise could be for you.”

The company’s most popular teaching programme is Supermaths which offers a mix of weekly teacher-led Abacus Maths classes and online tutorials. The Abacus method teaches students how to calculate complex sums first with a physical abacus board, then through visualisation. The UK franchise package also includes its English, Coding, and Cyber Security courses.

The original business started in 2015 when the founder, Dr Rashmi Mantri, taught her son who was struggling with basic arithmetic how to use the abacus. Spotting a gap in the market, the software engineer-turned entrepreneur started the business. It has since grown organically and has taught thousands of students globally.

“When Covid struck we had to pivot the business and now we have a fully digital offering for students and franchisees alike.” said Dr Rashmi. “We built this model ourselves and know from experience what works when delivering it to students online and in person. We are constantly improving and recently added a games-based application which is proving very popular.

“Flexibility is key in business nowadays and thanks to our systems and processes this franchise could work for individuals in a part-time capacity or as a full-time career.”

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