Strong support from women as Shree Ghansham Temple nears completion

Kokila Patel Tuesday 18th July 2017 12:40 EDT

Members of the Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple, Woolwich are all set to inaugurate a massive four storey temple and community centre. Following years of perseverance and commitment, construction of what will be the biggest Hindu temple in South East London, has come to and end. The new temple includes multi-functional facilities for the growing congregation of the Kutchi community, a separate hall for worship and areas for the youth.

It also features classrooms, where yoga, IT, Gujarati, English, and Mathematics classes can be arranged. The huge Shikhar Banddh Shree Ghansham Temple is built from the sweat and blood of not one, but many community members who have voluntarily invested their time and energy in building what they've dreamt of. When Asian Voice visited the temple first-hand update on the progressing new establishment, what surprised was the lack of engineers, building contractors, electricians, and labour workers on site. Instead, there amongst those present were the satsang Chairman, convenor of the new temple, Trustees, Secretary, Treasurer, and several community members including women and the youth.

It was brought to notice that over 30 women members have been actively participating in fulfilling the mammoth-sized feat. Satsang members were grateful for them and praised them for pulling half of the project's weight. “Several women from our community have graciously helped us with the construction work. They have laboured with us day and night. Settled in Woolwich, these women unloaded over 90,000 bricks brought in trucks, and carried heavy baskets filled with concrete mix to and fro from the basement. As the temple construction nears completion, we got to watch women extend their support in various areas including interior decoration, and loading waste in their cars and dumping them all the way in the council dumpyard,” said chairman Laljibhai Haalai.

Grand opening of the temple is will be span across nine days of celebration, including a grand procession, Rukmani vivah, and inclusion of youth and local community groups for participation.

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