Hindu Forum of Britain gets its first woman President

Rupanjana Dutta Tuesday 16th December 2014 08:08 EST

Mrs Trupti Patel becomes the first Hindu woman in the UK to be appointed President of the largest national Hindu organisation – The Hindu Forum of Britain (HFB).

The appointment marks the standing down of the current President Shree Haribhai Halai who was appointed after the demise of the previous President Shree Arjanbhai Vekaria. Speaking about the new appointment, the past President Mr Haribhai commented, “It has given me huge pride to be the President of the HFB and to serve our community. I have enjoyed wonderful support of all my peers and the community.

“I take this opportunity to congratulate Smt. Truptiben on her appointment as the President. Truptiben has my total support and that of the whole HFB family. She brings with her a wealth of experience, being with the HFB since its inception, and is highly capable of steering our organisation effectively over the next period.

“Under her guidance I am certain that the HFB will make good progress in all fields of operation.”

Truptiben is a fellow of the Chartered Intuition of Highways and Transportation and has over 34 years of experience in the field of Highways, Traffic and Transportation. She has successfully managed various divisions at Salford City Council, Manchester City Council and Three Rivers District Council and now she is managing her own consultancy dealing with projects involving sustainable transport, environmental improvements, road safety, climate change issues and healthy living.

Commenting on her appointment Mrs Patel told the Asian Voice, “ have served on the HFB Executive as a regional Secretary since the day HFB was established all those years ago and from 2005 as a Vice President. It is therefore an honour and a privilege to be asked to serve the community at this level. I shall do my utmost to ensure that as a community Hindus continue to make a proactive contribution to the life and work of our nation. In so doing it is equally important to also ensure that the wonderful Hindu community is not only respected, but that our core values become the guidance for the whole of society.”

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