Freeview English teaching TV channel to help migrants

An independent think tank focussing on migration and integration issues, has called the UK government to set up a new free-to-air television channel. According to the report published by British Future this channel will aim to improve English...

Breaking the class ceiling at Oxbridge universities

“I am always plagued with the imposter syndrome where I constantly ask myself if I belonged at Oxford because everyone else appeared smarter in comparison. This feeling of not belonging at University often stems from the fact that people often came from...

The proportion of state school pupils starting at the University of Cambridge this autumn will be the highest for decades - rising to 68%. The university also says one in four are from "disadvantaged backgrounds".

Schools in England will receive £2.6bn extra next year under Chancellor Sajid Javid's spending plans. This will be the first step towards reversing budget cuts and returning school funding to pre-austerity levels.

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