Anti-corruption group finds 'irregularities' in Bangladesh vote

Anti-corruption group Transparency International said it found "irregularities" in 47 of 50 constituencies it surveyed during last month's general election in Bangladesh, which was marred by allegations of vote rigging

Hasina sworn in as Bangladesh PM for fourth term

Sheikh Hasina was sworn in as Bangladesh’s Prime Minister for fourth term after a landslide election victory marred by deadly violence and claims of widespread rigging

Indra Nooyi being considered to lead World Bank

Former PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi is reportedly being considered for the new World Bank president

Tulsi Gabbard to run for US presidency

The race for US presidency in next year's election is likely to see a Hindu representative and a senator of part-Indian-American descent vying for the Democratic Party's nomination

Lanka struggling to repay record foreign debt: PM

Sri Lanka’s prime minister said the country was struggling to pay back its ballooning foreign debt, blaming a recent political crisis for dealing a “death blow” to the economy

SL Prez accuses foreign forces of intimidating him

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena said the country's current political crisis is a result of a clash between external and local values, as he accused “foreign forces” of intimidating him.

Nepal, Bhutan have to be inclined towards India: army chief Rawat

India's army chief General Bipin Rawat on Sunday said countries like Nepal and Bhutan "have to be inclined towards India because of geography."

Nepal snubs India, to take part in China drill

In a snub to India, Nepal has decided to pull out of the joint Bimstec military drill in Pune, but at the same time decided to participate in a 12-day long military exercise with China later this month.

EU leaders tell May to find Brexit consensus among MPs

Leaders of the European Union in Brussels have asked Prime Minister Theresa May to return to the Parliament and find a way to break the Brexit logjam. It appears that an appeal from May for a final concession failed to cut past the 27 heads...

National Museum in Copenhagen pay tribute to Indian culture

Part of the Scandinavian countries, Denmark comprises of a bunch of islands together, with Copenhagen as their capital. The National Museum in Copenhagen stands witness to their organised recording skills. Even locals are extremely proud of...

Pak govt urged to take steps to control population

Describing Pakistan's rapidly growing population as a "ticking time bomb", the Supreme urged religious scholars, the civil society and the government to back population control measures, including a two children per family norm, in the Muslim-majority...

Sharif denied helper in jail, told to maintain room on his own

Pakistan’s incarcerated former premier Nawaz Sharif will maintain his jail room on his own as the Punjab province government refused to provide him a prisoner who could serve as his orderly, according to a media report

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