Bank of England to appoint new governor in 2019

In June 2019, Mark Carney will be stepping down from his role as the Bank of England Governor,leaving many contenders waiting in the wings to take over from this reputable role. 

Ecigarette entrepreneur prepares to float company on stock market

49-year-old entrepreneur, Sandy Chadha, who once wagered a Bentley limousine as part of a takeover deal, is in preparation to bring his battery and ecigarette company on the stock market, with a valuation of up to £150 million. 

The Russia crisis has escalated. With Trump also expelling diplomats and EU avoiding serious tariffs from Trump but instead likely to work with him on tackling China and a hard Brexit likely to be avoided, one could see how the EU is the key...

Jain International Trade Organization UK (JITO UK) recently organised a networking event and international conference on Blockchain and Crypto Currencies, its importance, its current and future applications. The conference was attended by businesses...

Glint, a UK-based startup, is making money fairer, providing, for the first time, the ability to store, exchange, send and spend gold through the global...

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