Spiralling cost of hospital parking

Hospital parking charges were introduced couple of decades ago, perhaps with the good intention of stopping commuters and shoppers, free lodgers who were occupying these spaces reserved for the sick and the disable visiting hospitals while on shopping expedition.

Blossoming friendship between India and Japan

Since BJP came to power under the astute guardianship of PM Narendra Modi, India’s prestige and respect has gone up in leaps and bounds throughout the world but in particular in Western world as well as among Islamic nations of Middle East and Central Asia which were alien nations under Congress misrule! PM Modi’s notable achievement is the establishment of close, friendly relations between Modi and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe who recently visited India at the invitation of PM Modi. 

Your front page article, “Marginalisation angers British Sikhs” (AV dated 27/10/2018) is timely reminder that racism is alive and kicking, although compared to what we suffered in late sixties when we first arrived, it is less open and more...

Thank you for your article on Food Allergy Warning. So sorry to learn about the deaths in your article. I am also a sufferer of food intolerance. My first experience was in June 1962 at College Hostel, with swelling around the eye and frequent...

Not so long ago, NHS used to be under tremendous pressure during winter months. But now pressure is on throughout the year, even during warm, pleasant summer months when NHS staffs should have time to relax and catch-up on the rest and sleep...

The Saudi dissent journalist, Khashoggi’s brutal murder has shook the civilized nations the world over and sent a shiver down the spine of those criticizing and opposing the regime. 

There used to be a saying that Bournemouth was a place where only the old crocs - worn out and disabled people – went for holidays. Well, I must say that I may have become a little old in the tooth but have not that worn out yet. 

As winter sets in, the last thing we feel like doing is drinking cold tap water. But medical experts say we must drink water intermittently throughout the day to stay healthy.

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