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Monday 30th March 2020 09:27 EDT

India’s lockdown

It is a timely and proactive step taken by PM Modi by announcing 21-day all-India lockdown (Asian Voice 28 March- 3 April 2020) to prevent the spread of deadly Covid19. Since there is no cure or vaccine, this is the only option the government had to save the country.

Before criticising any decision of NaMo, one must look at the meticulous planning and preparation he has done for 1.3 billion people. There are plenty of NGOs, temples and religious organisation working day and night by providing food packets and other necessities to elderly and needy people. Let us appreciate the efforts and selfless contribution made by each and every individual of India.

Hitesh Hingu



China can’t be left off the hook

The coronavirus causing covid-19 in humans came from the open wet meat markets in Wuhan, China. It causes breathing problems, at times with tragic results.

WHO cannot leave China off the hook. Even the Asian flu spread from China. Poultry and killing of animals for human consumption in our country must be investigated with stringent health rules.

Some of the herbalists have suggested to drink warm water, gargling salt water, taking turmeric, coriander seeds and cumin when boiling water. Deep breathing fresh air is vital.

The country has very nobly arisen to this challenge.

Ramesh Nehru

By Email


Crippling effect of Coronavirus

The 21-day lockdown to counter the Coronavirus pandemic comes with the crippling effect of thousands of people losing their jobs. Daily wage earners and those driving autos and taxis have to stay at home. They will find it hard to make ends meet. At present, we cannot judge how the spread of the disease will effect the economy but what is sure is that the fallouts will be severe. The Government cannot be blamed entirely for this. For we are in the midst of a unique emergency, one we have never seen before. The fallout plans of the Reserve Bank of India as well as the Finance Minister may not be enough. Some business sectors need direct support.

Jubel D'Cruz,

Mumbai, India


Beware of fair weather friends!

As we say, neighbours are “First Stop of Call” in time of need, in emergency. We live in Kingsbury where 80% of our neighbours are British Indians. Coronavirus, this unexpected man-made health disaster is the time when older generation who are confined to their homes, can find out who ready to come to our aid in time of need.

Unfortunately our optimism was misplaced, no one even phoned us, let alone offered to help except couple of Englishmen who live on our street for a very long time, who were there when we moved in 35 years ago, as old and fragile like us!

It would be interesting to know experiences of our readers about their neighbours.

Kumudini Valambia

By Email


Is our PM uptothejob?

The world has not seen such troubled times since end of WW2.

Looking at crowd of people turning up at seaside, parks and other natural beauty spots clearly signifies that this advice of self-restraint is not working.

NHS hospitals are poorly equipped in comparison to most EU nations. PM should have converted sports and exhibition halls into hospitals well before the tide turned rather than wait until now.

While government advises elderly and chronically sick people to go into 12 weeks self-imposed confinement in their own homes, it has failed to provide help for them, on shopping, collecting medicine and other such unavoidable outings that may be detrimental to their health. Let us evolve WW2 Churchillian spirit to triumph over adversity!

Bhupendra M. Gandhi

By Email


Helping the poor

Most of the governments are making so much efforts for their citizens to return back home at any cost at this time. Israel Government thanked Air India to bring their citizens home. Well done really appreciate this effort but what about the citizens of India who are poor and just want to get home?

We appreciate what Mr Modi and Mr Shah have done so far and are doing for India as well as those who are donating funds, but assisting these poor people must be treated as a top priority. To any poor living being to die of hunger is scarier than any deadly virus.

Vinod Dattani

Wellingborough UK


NHS staff and PPE

We read your front page story about the NHS doctors and their sacrifices. On Thursday we all clapped for these ‘unsung’ heroes. But there is more to be done. They need their urgent protective equipments. People are trying to crowdfund upto a million pounds to help fund this equipments. A Preston businessman has pledged £100,000, while the government is still waiting to act on it as urgent basis. It’s a shame on how slow a government for a developed country is.

Karan Majithia

By Email

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