Labour stance denounced

Tuesday 08th October 2019 19:34 EDT

We have received a large number of letters and messages strongly denouncing the labour party emergency resolution about the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir adopted on 26th September. The Labour Party’s offices and important leaders have also been inundated by enumerable protests.

By Monday 7th October that devisive and dangerous resolution was completely removed from the Labour Party Conference website. Removal from the website is welcomed but the honourable action from the Labour leader Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn is to completely revoke that resolution from all the records of the Labour Party Conference. 

We have published a few of the many letters we have received but haven’t been able to publish them all due to limited space. Some of those letters were from:  

Dr Kalpna Patel, 

Anuj Davda,

Sharad V Parikh, 

Jagdish Patel, 

Ravi Karkar, 

Vinookumar Sachania,

Mukund Patel, 

Naran Nathalal Pankhania, 

Vipin Bharadia, 

Yatin Dawada, 

Vibhaker Baxi, 

Amit Tiwari, 

Kadam Mehra, 

Pramod Prashar, 

Sunil Majithia, 

Shayam Sunder Teh, 

Surendra Patel, 

Drishti May, 

Velji Vekaria,  

Bhaskar Patel, 

Vishal Shah, 

Pankaj Patel, 

Nimesh Patel, 

Hasmukh Vasava,

Jad Hirani, 

Ghanshyam Patel, 

Jyoti Vithlani, 

Parbat Kabariya, 

Bharat Sisodia, 

Prem Chudasama, 

Sanjay Kara

Meera Hirani

Narendra Bajia

Nitin Mehta

Narendra Thakrar

Bhimji Bhudia

Vinod Popat

Bharat Chouhan

Nitin Parshottam

We regret that Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar have not been able to give voice to all of the letter writers who happen to be from both Indian and non Indian backgrounds. 

CB Patel


Asian Voice/Gujarat Samachar

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