Has BJP lost the plot!

Tuesday 07th January 2020 17:32 EST

When BJP won last general election with thumping majority, routing Congress, reducing Congress to political force of no consequence, everyone expected BJP to go on and win state by State, thus making Bharat true “Ram Rajya” where everyone live in peace, progress and harmony. 

Instead during last few years, BJP has lost control of States like Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and now Jharkhand, the State where BJP was expecting to get two third majority. This is indeed worse scenario that is allowing Congress to rise from the ashes, through back door BJP left unbolted! 

It is an interesting question to ask where fault-line lies?  Answers political pundits came up with are interesting, logical and serious enough for BJP to worry, put their house in order and start all over again.  

First and foremost BJP failed to make alliance with local regional parties, thus allowing Congress to make a grand alliance to oppose BJP. Secondly BJP chose a wrong partner in Shive Sena who have no morals, no principal but to grab power at any cost, willing to go to bed with the enemy,  even their worse opponents who do not share a single principal. If Bal Sahib Thackeray was alive, he would disown this lot who have betrayed every principal he stood for.   

The latest defeat in Jharkhand will affect BJP badly in Rajya Sabha where NDA do not have majority. It is also mentioned that PM Modi is surrounded by advisors who lack foresight. They are more Yes men than true friends who dare to call spade a spade when it matters most!

CAA is latest example where PM Modi misjudged people’s mood. It would have been perfect bill if BJP had included Muslim minorities like Daudi Bhora, Ismalis, Sufis and Ahmedia Muslims who on most part Modi’s supporters. As these minorities form 1% of Muslim population, it would have made no difference in numbers but made bill secular, acceptable to all.

Yes, Ismalis and Ahmedia played prominent part in forming Muslim League, but it is water under the bridge!  

Bhupendra M. Gandhi

By email

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