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Monday 06th April 2020 10:09 EDT

Lighting diyas

The Indian Prime Minister's call to light lamps (diyas) or candles to fight the coronavirus pandemic was followed by the whole country.

The prayers to the cosmos- the planets was ably, spiritually and dynamically led by the incredible, the symbol of wisdom-the personality of Sadhguru.

Beholding the programme, one feel that the Gods live in India.

Even the magnificent array of cricketers led by Captain Kohli and Rohit rise to unite the nation to fight off this disease. It now leaves our scientists to discover the vaccine to fight off Covid-19 to eliminate sufferings and to normalise life.

Ramesh Nehru

By Email


Fake news

High Commission of India had to issue a statement about fake news over evacuation (AV dated 4-10 April 2020). Some people are fond of forwarding messages without looking at the source, substance or authenticity of the news. Generally sensational fake news travel faster than something which is really important and useful. When people are passing through a difficult phase of coronavirus, self-discipline in using and managing social media becomes even more important.

On another note, I would really like to applaud the hard work of the whole team of ABPL group along with the people working behind the scene for their relentless efforts. Dynamic leadership of CB Patel, in providing a print copy of both the papers in “2-in-1” format to those who are addicted to read, is inspiring. “Can do” approach of the team with minimum compromise on anything is eye catching.

Hitesh Hingu



Full lockdown

May I recommend planned full lockdown of country for at least 2 weeks to save thousands of citizens to break completely the chain of spreading except truly essential services. Let us try to discover truth with clear conscience and in presence of God.
Most secured persons in UK like the Prime Minister is in the hospital. Health SecretaryPrince Charles were infected too. 
Millions of fearful citizens, looking after the elderly family or young children will be compelled to go to work tomorrow with asymptomatic colleagues and will be travelling on tube and road tomorrow. 
Let us review and look at the actions of Europe and the world. Every person dying and suffering the pain of infection is partly due to the fact that the country was not locked down. Few weeks of closure should not be feared due to its economic repercussions.

Vidyut Mehta

By Email


Bully China!

West, who so miserably under estimated Hitler until it was too late, has learnt nothing from history, repeating the same mistake in case of China, who is determined to colonize the world, first economically, then politically and ultimately militarily until it replaces USA as the leading nation, only unchallengeable super power in the world.

China has blocked UN from discussing coronavirus as it fears UN may blame China for this epidemic which will destroy economy of the West, thus relying even more on China for consumer goods, as China already dominates the market with 25% of world trade.

Many pundits fear that this was deliberate act, China developing super-bug that may have escaped from laboratory before they could develop the vaccine! Ignore China at your peril!

Bhupendra M. Gandhi

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NHS Rationing

I was surprised to learn that BMA has announced guideline as to who gets preferential treatment when beds and respiration equipment are in short supply. Obviously disable and OAPs will be the last in the queue, as they are considered disposable, less valuable members of society. During my NHS days, treatment was judged solely on medical condition; age, education, social standing never came into consideration. But we now live in materialistic society where politicians put price-tag on every human being except themselves, Royals and super rich. Is it fair that young recent arrival jumps the queue over an OAP who has worked all his life, paid taxes, fought for his country but now abandoned because he is in wrong age group?

Kumudini Valambia

By Email


 Serve the God in you 

This unexpected and unimaginable calamity has struck human race, killing vast number of people all over the Earth. 

An eye opener for all is that Mecca is closed, Medina is closed, Vatican is closed, Tirupati and Shirdi have closed their doors to humans too. But in the form of humans, they are working 24x7 in modern temples, known as hospitals. 

God is in every human being, as Vivekananda would say. Be safe, be humane and serve the God within.

Dr Nagindas Patel

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Thank you

I was very surprised to receive last week's Gujarat Samachar. Thank you very much as I do appreciate it, but I am sure we do not mind, if we do not get the newspaper for a while, especially in this crisis. Please take care and be safe. 

Damyanti Mistry

My colleagues and I am most grateful for your concern, best wishes, prayers and blessings. We are committed to serve you all and our esteem readers to the best of our abilities. 

- Editor

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