Numbers are important

Monday 23rd March 2020 09:10 EDT

I refer to the article by CB Patel's viz. "Numbers are important". I feel that with a good and informative start to the article he missed to (may be on purpose?) add/continue through the thought process on why some families decided to leave Bharat for foreign shores. They said that Bharat was being 'dominated by the Muslim community'. Noting from various articles and commentaries, if any thing 'untoward' is said, cries of Islamophobia explode.

The bigger question Sri Patel did not carry on to a conclusion with the numbers conversation is that the population of the Islamic community is increasing at a higher rate than other 'religious' communities. I have seen numbers of this in the UK and a great number of people have been communicating to me in Bharat; however getting hold of official data is not always that easy. If the population of one community increases at a higher rate than others, even a democracy can be turned over to the rule of one person/peoples/ideology within a certain period of time.

In the UK, no one dares to look up these figures and produce and publish them for the fear of prosecution. We talk about things that cause danger to us and we are comfortable with that, but not this. I do think that Sri Patel should have taken his discussion further rather than meander to other matter because conversions by insidious means or warfare are not the only way to be ‘supreme’.

We have seen this during the last century or two, have we not?

Yogi Pandya

By Email

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