Justice may be delayed but never denied

Monday 23rd March 2020 09:47 EDT

The ongoing case of rape and murder of a young, beautiful, statuesque medical student Nirbhaya finally came to an end, with justice apparently served, with the hanging of four young men, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma, Akshay Kumar and Mukesh Kumar, to the utter delight of vast audience who gathered outside Tihar Jail. The fifth convict on death row committed suicide while one minor who committed the worse disgusting sex acts on the innocent girl was freed after just few months in Youth Detention Centre, a travesty of justice!

Normally death penalty is frowned upon, rightly so, in most civilised, democratic and secular nations but it is still on statute book in some countries for gruesome rape, murder and terrorist acts like attack on Indian Parliament and mass murders in Mumbai by terrorists.

While this draconian punishment was approved by vast majority of Indian people, there was tiny minority of so called Indian intellectuals out of touch with reality on the ground, as well as International Committee of Jurists whose aim is to abolish death penalty for any crime. No wonder many people gathered outside the jail commented that if such a violent, deprived sexual crime was committed against one of their daughter or wife, these bleeding heart smothers’ would have adopted a different tune.

This case took seven year to come to the final conclusion. It is time to establish military court and dispense justice within a year if not earlier, to avoid pain and humiliation on the family members of the murdered victims.

Bhupendra M. Gandhi

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