UK to host its first ever Asian Woman Festival

Shani Dhanda was born with a rare genetic condition more commonly known as Brittle Bone Disease. A business and culture change agent, social entrepreneur and disability rights advocate named as one of the most influential disabled people in...

Instapoets taking the world by storm

Young female poets are attracting fans on social media, helping their poetry book sales to soar. Though not all are successful, Nikita Gill, a former student and part-time child carer, who posts verses online has gathered half a million followers...

Britain's colonial history in school curriculum is the apology UK owes to India

British Indian author Saurav Dutt has released a historical novel to re-examine the brutal massacre that eventually brought about the end of the British empire. The book ‘Garden of Bullets: Massacre at Jallianwala Bagh’ coincides with the centenary...

The great march of democracy

India – the largest democracy in the world, it’s election commission makes it possible for 834 million Indians to vote. The country is currently preparing itself for the seventeenth Lok Sabha elections, this year also marks the beginning of...

Rabiah Hussain to receive £10,000 from the Royal Court Theatre

Rabiah Hussain is one of the three writers who has received a fellowship worth £10,000 by the Royal Court Theatre and Kudos. Other winners included Lettie Precious and Ross Willis. This is the first year that the fellowships, which support three...

Essex Indians celebrate Diwali with dance and music

East meets west is a unique concert hosted by Essex Indian community group. Festive spirit, food, fun, cultural programme and hospitality makes it one of the most glamorous Diwali celebrations locally and regionally.

Male BBC stars face pay cut

Following accusations on gender bias in regards to remuneration, as reported in last week's Asian Voice, the BBC's highest earning male stars are facing pay cut as the British corporation attempts to handle the controversy about gender discrimination.

Sanjeev Bhaskar was a telly-loving child

The very talented actor, Sanjeev Bhaskar, who is greatly remembered for his stint on television shows such as Goodness Gracious Me, and The Kumar at No 42, was a child who was addicted to the television.

Bookies offer odds on unsigned artist topping the UK charts in 2018

Bookmakers are beginning to take an interest in the artistic progress of 20 year-old Hertfordshire songstress, Shakila K.. They’re currently offering odds - of, admittedly, 100 to one - that Shakila K.’s latest song will make it into the BBC...

LSU celebrates Tagore's birthday at Nehru Centre

London Sharad Utsav (LSU) celebrated 157th birthday of Rabindra Nath Tagore at Nehru Centre, Mayfair London on 11th of May 2018 with much pomp and gaiety. 

Brick Lane Circle launches pilot project book, “Knowing One Another”

On Monday 20th April 2015, the Rich Mix in Bethnal Green played host to the Brick Lane Circle, where they launched the book, “Knowing One Another” under their publication and funded by the Big Lottery Fund. There are several authors who have contributed towards the content of the book, looking at diverse cultural attributes and traits, ranging from backgrounds such as Ugandan, Pakistani and Moroccan.

Asian Voice is giving the opportunity for someone to win two tickets for the Gujarati play, “Gujju Bhai Banya Dabang”.

Asian Voice is giving the opportunity for someone to win two tickets for the Gujarati play, “Gujju Bhai Banya Dabang”.

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