The Bhavan hosts youth festival 'Yatra'

Tuesday 27th February 2024 10:30 EST

The Bhavan opened its doors last weekend to 18 groups of youth artists from all over England to perform on their stage. 

Parvati Nair and Anvi Prabhu took charge of organising and programming the event, right from inception to curation to sequencing of the pieces on both days, having started planning almost 3 months ago.  The name ‘Yatra’ was also carefully chosen to signify the journey of the young artists as well as to signify The Bhavan’s journey with them.

Both days saw the emerging talents performing Indian classical dance and music (Carnatic and Hindustani) – vocal and instruments, as well as fusion with western instruments. There were also stunning choreographies in Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Odissi, as well folk-classical fusions. Some of the choreographies were by teachers while others were by the young artists themselves, who came together to creatively create, collaborate and put forward a piece for the event.

'Yatra' was attended by members of The Bhavan’s Executive committee including Vinod Thakrar and Ruby Bunker with a special thanks to Bhavan's Executive Director Dr Nandakumara and technicians Mr Shankar and his fantastic team for all their support. Catering was provided by Nilesh and his team, and the Goenka sisters provided mouth-watering snacks for everyone before and after the events.

Commenting on the initiatives, Parvati said, “The first step of this journey (Yatra) has begun. We did not want to define the destination point for this as we wanted to keep it open ended, and to see how it can grow in the coming years. For this chapter the destination was that of coming together, and of joy and a celebration of the youth’s talent.”

Adding to that, Anvi said, “It was so fulfilling to see our vision brought into fruition. The new perspectives and creativity were inspiring to see, and we only hope to make this Yatra bigger and better in the coming years.”

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