Male BBC stars face pay cut

Thursday 11th January 2018 09:23 EST

Following accusations on gender bias in regards to remuneration, as reported in last week's Asian Voice, the BBC's highest earning male stars are facing pay cut as the British corporation attempts to handle the controversy about gender discrimination.

Several eminent men at BBC have already accepted a pay slash ever since their pay was made public in the summer of 2017, and more negotiations are expected to take place after a review of on-air talent was released this month.

Insiders suggest Jeremy Vine, who is a Radio 2 presenter and also hosts TV shows such as Panorama, Eggheads, and Points of View, is earns between £700,000 and £749,999, could have his salary reduced and have some of his roles given to other presenters.

MPs have backed the ex BBC China editor, Carrie Gracie's call to have equal pay among colleagues by reducing the salaries of the highest-earning male presenters.

The new culture secretary, Matt Hancock said, “This is not just a matter of levelling women's pay up; it is a matter of pay equality. To work for the BBC is a public service and a great privilege, yet some men at the BBC are paid far more than other equivalent public servants.”

MPs have also accused the BBC for “suppressing coverage” of the controversy regarding equal pay after BBC Radio 4's presenter, Winifred Robinson was allegedly taken off air after he tweeted his support for equal pay at the BBC. 

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