Sanjeev Bhaskar was a telly-loving child

Tuesday 09th January 2018 13:41 EST

The very talented actor, Sanjeev Bhaskar, who is greatly remembered for his stint on television shows such as Goodness Gracious Me, and The Kumar at No 42, was a child who was addicted to the television. Now that the tables have turned, he is finding it tough keeping his son away from being glued to the TV. But he has a much bigger challenge than what his parents had when he was a kid. With the evolution of technology, Bhaskar has to work even harder to ensure his son doesn't spend overtly long on these gadgets.

Sanjeev Bhaskar said, “The amount of information that is hurled at kids from Kindles and smartphones and electronic games and iPads is huge. And the more complex our devices, the more complex the messages carried on them have got for our children to decode. They can now access things that they shouldn’t and don't have to yet.”

He is lending his voice to a new 15-part series on CBeebies called Treasure Champs. Speaking about the show, Bhaskar said, “Treasure Champs is so clear, so simple and so refreshing. There are plenty of programmes on TV that you can just stick a child in front of and know they will be entertained, and this series will do that, but it is also trying to talk to them about something important.”

Married to the multi-faceted Meera Syal, Bhaskar talks about what his son's choice of TV shows. “My son and I like to sit down together to watch nature programmes. With Blue Planet II, we always seem to end up saying, 'Oooh' at the same time.” 

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