UK diaspora and students protest against anti-Muslim violence in Delhi

Monday 02nd March 2020 10:49 EST

Braving snow and rain, more than 200 members of the Indian diaspora and student communities in London gathered outside the Indian High Commission on Saturday 29 January afternoon, to protest the targeted anti-Muslim pogrom in Delhi which has claimed more than 40 lives, left hundreds critically injured, and destroyed the homes and livelihoods of many more.

On the same day, simultaneous protests against the Delhi pogrom were held by various student and diaspora organisations in more than 15 European cities, including Geneva, Glasgow, Grenoble, Hague, Hamburg, Krakow, Munich, Pisa, Helsinki, Cologne, Brussels, Frankfurt, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Dublin.

The protest in London was called by South Asia Solidarity Group; SOAS India Society; South Asian Students Against Fascism (UK); Federation of Redbridge Muslim Organisations (FORMO); Co-ordinating Committee of Malayali Muslims.

The gathered protesting groups demanded the Indian Home Minister’s resignation, arrest of BJP instigators and justice for the survivors of Delhi Pogrom. They also demanded for the UK government to immediately issue a strong condemnation of the Narendra Modi government.

The SOAS India Society in a statement said, “We stand in solidarity with the survivors of the Delhi Pogrom and with the courageous citizens of Delhi as they fight for justice and peace!”

Nadia Whittome, one of the newest and youngest MPs in UK Parliament, who has a Punjabi father and Anglo-Indian mother with roots in Kolkata said, “The Delhi Pogrom has already killed 38 Indian Muslims, with many injured. This is no accident... British Indians will not be silent.”

Nirmala Rajasingam from the South Asia Solidarity Group said, “As members of the Indian and South Asian diaspora in the UK, we stand with the survivors of the Delhi pogrom and the courageous anti-CAA movement...”

South Asian Students Against Fascism told the newspaper, "The violence in Delhi must not be seen as a riot. What has happened is a state-sponsored pogrom against the city's Muslim communities...”

Anjum Mouj, London Black Women’s Project added, “We are shocked by the horrific anti-Muslim pogrom spearheaded by the Hindutva right this week. But we are truly inspired to see that the women of many areas of Delhi have returned to their sit-in protests. These women have been occupying these sites like Shaheen Bagh for the past two months in the bitter North Indian winter cold. We in the UK and across the world must learn from their strength and courage in these turbulent times of increasing fascism.”

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