The Power of Faith

We have just agreed our third deal in Wembley, North West London

Hidden in plain sight

I recently met a property trader/developer. He’s been around for decades, and he is second, if not third, generation real estate family.

Last week, I took the trouble to go down to Battersea to check the local environment of a small deal we are about to do, on behalf of our client.

We are currently going through the paperwork on a deal we have placed. There is an imposed time pressure by the seller.

It’s rare nowadays to get deals on a plate. There is too much information available about the market. It takes only a few minutes to ascertain the value of a flat in a block. You look at what the past sales were, which is readily available.

Many years ago, a wealthy uncle from Kenya told me money has no friends or family. As time has gone on this saying, unfortunately, becomes more and more stronger in my mind with the evidence it gathers. 

On Saturday, I showed a couple a property in Maida Vale. The property is cheap relative to the area, and we have managed to get a discount on top.

Every so often, I will get a client who wants to purchase a property for their children rather than having them rent, and filling somebody else’s pocket...

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