Picking the cherry

A recent Hometrack survey shows that 373,000 property transactions have been stalled as a consequence of the current lockdown, worth about £82bn

Sow & Reap

Interesting times.  Currently, we are being fed information regarding something we cannot see or have a grip off.  Therefore, we are lapping up all we are fed.  Even the official narrative does not make sense, even within its own narrative.

The London market is over heated, this is a result of lack of supply; less properties are coming on to the market than previously, whilst demand is at an all time high.   

We are currently involved with an asset which has planning for four further units.  The property is in a very affluent ‘brown’ street.  The area commands a high premium due to its footfall and its proximity to transport and conveniences.  

We are currently involved in helping to fund a deal for a purchase of a property.  The property will be bought as a residential home, however, the potential exists to convert the property into two separate plots and build another dwelling next...

We have a client who’s based further up north, around Manchester.  Cleverly he managed to purchase a fire damaged house with a generous portion of land.  The property is in close proximity to Manchester Airport and the station of Heald Green; perhaps, in...

I was introduced to a property trader / developer.  He had just exchanged on several deals outside of London from someone he knew.  The point being this was not a third-party transaction.  

We have been circling a deal for the best part of a year, the contract went to a higher bidder, but the game is not over until it has exchanged.  And sometimes not even then; we have won deals when the winning party has exchanged on the property...

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