Looking beneath the bonnet

Last week I was offered a commercial deal, shop and uppers as they are known.This property has a beauty salon, with two flats above it.It’s producing a return of £36K, giving a yield of 6.5%.

Buying & Selling Money

Currently, many 5 year fixed BTL rates are below 2%; but this week they are expected to increase. They still represent excellent value, together with security. Rarely do these two attributes go together, but you have them now.

I came across an article recently, which delves into the issue of rising property prices in Luxembourg. The signs are the same the world over. Luxembourg’s population has increased from 364,000 in 1980 to 600,000 today; and the increase continues...

Urbanisation is an increase in population in cities and towns from rural areas. Urbanisation began during the industrial revolution, when workers moved...

Currently, we are engaged with a few sellers’ lawyers with regards to purchasing some properties; we are going through a few contacts.

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