Picking the cherry

A recent Hometrack survey shows that 373,000 property transactions have been stalled as a consequence of the current lockdown, worth about £82bn

Sow & Reap

Interesting times.  Currently, we are being fed information regarding something we cannot see or have a grip off.  Therefore, we are lapping up all we are fed.  Even the official narrative does not make sense, even within its own narrative.

We have investors who purport to want to invest into a property.  However, when an opportunity is presented they proceed to tell us why it’s not a good investment.  The response would be a few reasons relating to the property, the majority of...

We’re dealing with a remortgage case where the managing agents are trying their best to default the leases of our clients.

We are in the midst of a deal, and the property in question has came back with a nil valuation. A strange occurrence as a property is never worth zero. Even if it did not exist the land would have value. In fact its land driven by location which...

With rates having increased and mortgage products following suit, it seems a normal BTL purchase now becomes unviable, unless you put down a large deposit or the yield is exceptionally high.  

This week saw many mortgage products being withdrawn to be replaced by higher rates.  Only yesterday there were a couple of clients who didn’t manage to lock the rate which they had hoped to secure.  Even a small fraction of a percentage increase...

Recently we have had some cases whereby doing a mortgage in a limited company was either not possible given time restrictions, or slightly more on the expensive side.  

This week we exchanged on a small deal on behalf of a client.  What was interesting was the story around the deal.  Of course merely doing the deal has a buzz to it as well; though it was a small one.   

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