Financing is often a very important component of a property purchase.

Keeping The Deal Stitched Together

Last week we finally completed on a two bedroom flat in SE2. I say finally because this deal was agreed a full nine months ago. Perhaps this number is significant, as it’s the time from conception to birth.

Many years ago, a wealthy uncle from Kenya told me money has no friends or family. As time has gone on this saying, unfortunately, becomes more and more stronger in my mind with the evidence it gathers. 

On Saturday, I showed a couple a property in Maida Vale. The property is cheap relative to the area, and we have managed to get a discount on top.

Every so often, I will get a client who wants to purchase a property for their children rather than having them rent, and filling somebody else’s pocket...

I was recently referred to a contact who is looking to deploy a large sum to invest in the UK, he is based in India.  He needs a place to stay for a couple...

A deal which I have been working on, and almost expected to land in my lap, has fallen out of bed. It happens. It’s the nature of the beast. The offer which nailed the deal came from none other than the freeholder. The properties had extremely...

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