Buying & Selling Money

Currently, many 5 year fixed BTL rates are below 2%; but this week they are expected to increase. They still represent excellent value, together with security. Rarely do these two attributes go together, but you have them now.

Letting the tail wag the dog

Admittedly this is not the way to do a deal. We should not use a symptomatic reason tooverride the main objective. In property terms we should not use the tax situation or stampduty to govern a property deal. The deal must stand on its own legs.

This week we are looking at a deal in Fulham, a stone throw away from Charing Cross Hospital. The site comes with planning for three residential flats,...

We purchased a property on behalf of a client a couple of months ago. The idea was to trade the property on without doing any works to it whatsoever. 

There was a deal lined up which was exceptional, on paper at least. A flat in Bounds Green, literally a few minutes from the station. Worth about £350K with a lease extension, which would cost about £25K.

Currently, we are trying to close a deal in an area called Barnes. This is not a location I am familiar with, so in order to get a feel of the area it’s best I enlist the help of local agents. After all, they are local, and a few have been in...

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