Foresight Not Hindsight

We attended an auction last week in order to close a deal

From lead into gold

We’ve identified a property which we believe is ripe for conversion.This is an office building which can be converted into a large number of self-contained apartments

Currently, we are evaluating a very interesting deal in a very central location.It’s a mixed use scheme,part commercial and part residential

I came across an article recently, which delves into the issue of rising property prices in Luxembourg. The signs are the same the world over. Luxembourg’s population has increased from 364,000 in 1980 to 600,000 today; and the increase continues...

Urbanisation is an increase in population in cities and towns from rural areas. Urbanisation began during the industrial revolution, when workers moved...

Currently, we are engaged with a few sellers’ lawyers with regards to purchasing some properties; we are going through a few contacts.

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