Decoding Gita for the next generation

A discussion about “Gita-The battle of the Worlds” a recently published children's book was held at the House of Lords on Monday. Authored by Sonal Sachdev Patel and in collaboration with Jemma Wayne Kattan, this book is an attempt at translating...

Love, Hate & Other Filters

The debut novel of Samira Ahmed, Love, Hate & Other Filters is about Maya Aziz, a normal teenager in America who dreams of kissing boys and becoming a film maker in New York. Caught between parental expectations, as well as between two guys...

Black Taj by Mohini Kent Pub date: 31 March 2016 Hardback £12.99, ISBN: 978-1-908446-45-9

Asian Business Publications Limited has recently received the following 5 books.

The Spirit of Mahatma, a book by Dr Rizwan Kadri, gives a new dimension to the relationship between Mahatma Gandhi and his private secretary Mahadev Desai, who was like a son to him

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