“You need to address human and wildlife health together in order to have holistic outcomes”

Conservation and wildlife lovers, businesses and school children supported a very special book launch for an esteemed Ugandan wildlife vet at the Uganda House London. ‘Walking With Gorillas’ by Dr Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka was launched by the Ugandan...

5 reasons to start journaling now and how

The world has stopped, and we have been presented with the gift of time.  How we choose to use that time is up to us.  Following old habits and expecting a different result, could be defined as ‘insane’.  Let’s try something, take a blank sheet...

Asian Business Publications Limited has recently received the following 5 books.

The Spirit of Mahatma, a book by Dr Rizwan Kadri, gives a new dimension to the relationship between Mahatma Gandhi and his private secretary Mahadev Desai, who was like a son to him

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