Harrow MP pays tribute to Indian diplomat killed by JKLF

On Saturday 6th February, Conservative MP for Harrow East paid his homage to an Indian diplomat reportedly killed in Birmingham by Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), a secessionist organisation banned in India. 

Bedford celebrates Indian Independence Day, unfurl Indian Flag at the Town Hall

Diverse communities in Bedford celebrated the 74th anniversary of Indian Independence. The event was organised by Bandhan Bedford, a group of diverse women of Indian-origin supported by an Anglo-Indian charity SEVA Trust UK along with many other...

Asian Voice is giving the opportunity for someone to win two tickets for the Gujarati play, “Gujju Bhai Banya Dabang”.

A British cleric has reportedly issued a fatwa to reduce prolonged fasting period for British Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan. The start and end dates of the holy month vary depending upon the sighting of the moon. It is the ninth month...

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